Steven Stairs, Winnipeg 420 at the Hempfest Canada Expo!

Steven Stairs, Winnipeg 420 at the Hempfest Canada Expo!

Extending our warmest congrats to Steven Stairs, President and Founder of the official Winnipeg 420 Organizing Committee for raising cannabis awareness at the Hempfest Canada Expo.   November 4-5, along with dedicated volunteers Kristen, Eternal Klash and partner Med Man Brand, Steven advocated, educated and networked simultaneously spreading knowledge and raising donations for Winnipeg 420.  

Thank you for leveraging medical marijuana mindfulness, inspiring others to support the cause, rousing political activism and sharing your personally enlightening journey via medical cannabis wellness.    

Steven please, please, please, keep up the great work, we admire your advocacy and we were thrilled to donate a Shatterizer for the raffle prize. We loved watching your LIVE coverage over social media (and reading all the great articles you share regularly)! See Steven’s full report from last year’s 420 in Winnipeg – via YouTube.   

From conventions, to going live on the 420 Radio Show - hosted by Al Rapp, to meetings with civic, provincial and police officials to ensure a safe, fun, ground breaking educational event every 420, Steven thank you for all you do …  

To reach Steven directly about upcoming opportunities to get involved please connect with him via Facebook, he may invite you into his living room for meeting…

And congratulations to all your fundraising efforts and the “big draw” Shatterizer winner “RYAN,” enjoy #PerfectClouds over Manitoba!

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