Thank You for the Customer Service Reviews!

The names are made up but the comments are real…. We appreciate all accolades from our Shatterizer clients. With grace and gratitude it’s easy to have the best customer service when you have the best customers … who we consider Shatterizer friends and family!

Thank you for sending us the kindest compliments and sincerest words regarding our products and people experiences!  From around the globe, and through our Instagram, Facebook and direct email and Tidio, we wanted to share your #VapeLove … and we also wanted to say THANK YOU for joining our #CannaFam!

 Jean: I am amazed and beyond satisfied with your level of customer service! Shatterizer has definitely gone above and beyond my expectations! I don’t think I have ever come across a company to be so caring. Thanks for being a professional! I will continue to use and recommend Shatterizer products!

Bob: Thank you so much guys!!! You are so awesome! All the extra's (glow bands)  always put a smile on my face :) Everyone loves the Shatterizer, You made my whole weekend so awesome!!

James: I appreciate your speedy response and willingness to help. Once again thank you both for resolving this issue as well as making an amazing product that I love. All the best.

Samantha: I am very impressed with your customer service.

Steve: Thank you so much it's a life saver having that thing on the go. Much appreciated, I absolutely love the product, Awesome customer service!

Joe: You’ve been great. You do have super after sales services. I really appreciate it. I can’t believe how long the coils lasted me.

Laurie: You ROCK! Thank you for your assistance! Winning! 100 %! I’ve sent so many invites to your Facebook page! They love my Shatterizer, and I’m hoping they will enjoy the Shatterizer Club! I can’t wait to try your new one! So innovative you are! Good times!

Leigh: On the go, 5 stars, Love love love this little unit. Perfect for getting shattered on the go, amazing customer service as well!

Elizabeth: Thank you so much for your quick response to my problem. I’m really happy with how well the Shatterizer works and look forward to showing it to my friends. It is so much easier and cleaner to use. Great product!

Kevin: I really appreciate your customer service, big kudos! 11 out of 10!

Becky: I would like to thank you for dealing with me so quickly as I use this to medicate with. I will post on Instagram about the amazing customer service. Thanks again. 

Scott: Wow! Thank you so much for helping me out so quickly. I absolutely love the products from you guys and I'm constantly recommending it to my friends. You guys are great! Have an amazing day!

Erica: You folks just keep amazing me I swear! I received a package today with... wonder of wonder, a pair of the new S Pods! I’m SO grateful I can’t even tell you! I’m so exited to give the S Pods a try! I’ll be “trialing” it when I get home. Once again, you’ve blown my expectations out of the water. This type of service is what gains lifetime loyalty and you’ve got mine. A VERY satisfied customer! 

Kyla: Wow I have to say...exceptional customer service!!

Megan: Really LOVE my Shatterizer and take it everywhere, so I’m very excited to hear you’ve got something new cooked up!  Thanks for thinking of me. Everyone in our store is obsessed with it!

Brian: Thank you very much for getting back to me on your online chat. Really glad you could help me! As mentioned, my Shatterizer is my new best friend and comes everywhere with me! It has helped me transform to a healthier lifestyle and cannot thank you enough!

August: I’m a fan of your rig, and have owned one since you first launched it some two years ago. First I bought a glass top, then a spare, then your black metal one, now going to order an extra ceramic coil pack! Thanks for a great product!

Rob: I am most grateful for the prompt attention you gave me and will purchase new product from your company in the future. Thanks again.

: QDC Coils and Caps, 5 stars, First off very fast shipment A+ great product fired right up!

Joe: Thx so much… What more can I say ....you went out of your way ….and you made me a very happy.

Joanne: Thank you so much! Testing out the aluminum globe just made my week! Definitely happy I chose to go with this brand, the amazing customer service is noticed and greatly appreciated :) 

Justine: They are selling like hotcakes, they are moving really well! Everybody loves them!

Daryl: This is the smoothest pen ever. Thank You, I felt like a kid at Christmas when I opened the box. You guys are the best! Thanks again!

Georgia:  Thank you for your quick response! I really appreciate the great customer service. I loved my Shatterizer and I have even recommended it to my best friends who purchased one too. 

Michelle: Thanks so much for the fun goodies (lanyards)! Made my Friday! :) Smooth clouds with the new coils. I’ll be ordering again soon! Take care.

Steve: Awesome Product …. Battery lasts really long.. I love it!

Sarah: I’m speechless. I’ve never seen such awesome customer service relations.

Bob: Best Company Ever. Thanks Shatterizer family!

Brady: Thank you so much!! I’ve never had this good of service any company ever! You are the best!

Andrew: You guys are the best!!! Nothing but great stuff from your company. I’ve told my friends. Thanks again for the great customer service! Great Company, Great People!

If you’ve had a #PerfectClouds experience or love your Shatterizer, please also love and share Shatterizer on Facebook, comment on our Instagram… and please remember, You can reach us anytime and everywhere via email info@shatterizer.com