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Rejoice! The King has returned! Behold the triumphant comeback of the legendary Arizer Solo II, now equipped with remarkable enhancements. Experience a swifter heat-up time, improved airflow, and an astonishing capability of delivering up to 20 uses per charge! With its enhanced power efficiency, the Arizer Solo II guarantees dense, luscious clouds from dawn till dusk, and well into the enchanting night. Take delight in the precise temperature control provided by the digital readout, enabling you to discover the ideal setting for your strains, ensuring a truly immersive flavor experience. Uncompromising in its commitment to taste, this convection vaporizer boasts a compact design while boasting an immensely enhanced battery life. Moreover, the all-glass airpath ensures that no extraneous flavors are introduced, allowing you to savor the exact essence of your loaded materials. Prepare to be captivated by the unparalleled performance of the Arizer Solo II, as it reigns supreme in the realm of vaporizers.


To awaken the Solo II from its slumber, simply press and hold the power button for a duration of 5 seconds. As the seconds tick away, the unit will emit a pleasant beep, signifying its awakening. Like a conductor guiding an orchestra, utilize the up or down buttons to orchestrate the perfect temperature for your session. With each adjustment, the Solo II dutifully responds, ready to cater to your preferences. As the heat begins to rise, the digital readout will faithfully indicate the Solo II's progress, leaving no room for uncertainty. Await the moment when the digital display proudly proclaims that the Solo II has reached its readiness, inviting you to partake in its vaporous offerings. Prepare yourself for an experience that transcends mere inhalation, as the Solo II unveils its true potential.


  • Arizer Solo II
  • 2x Mouthpieces
  • Aroma Dish
  • Stirring Tool
  • Lavender
  • Travel Pouch


Experience the sheer brilliance of the Arizer Solo II's design, where cleaning becomes an effortless endeavor. As you embark on the cleaning journey, you'll find that the only component requiring attention is the glass stem. Fear not, for maintaining its pristine state is a breeze. With the aid of isopropyl alcohol, a common cleaning solution, you can swiftly restore the glass stem to its sparkling glory. Embrace the simplicity and convenience offered by the Arizer Solo II, where cleanliness harmonizes seamlessly with your vaping experience.


  • All-Glass Airpath
  • Heats 3x Faster vs Solo I
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Excellent Flavor Transfer.