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G Pen Roam Cookies Edition

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The Cookies x G Pen Roam Vaporizer delivers water filtration in a portable concentrate vaporizer that features the classic Cookies blue colorway and a durable design.

Introducing the G Pen Roam, a remarkable portable vaporizer that takes your vaping experience to the next level. This innovative device is thoughtfully designed with a unique water-filter feature, ensuring a spill-proof and seamless vaping session every time.

At the heart of the G Pen Roam is its exceptional borosilicate glass hydrotube, which is self-contained and guarantees the purity of your vapor. Complemented by a fully Quartz tank, this vaporizer delivers exceptional flavor and smooth draws, all powered by a robust 1,300mAh lithium-ion battery. Thanks to its rapid heat-up time, the G Pen Roam reaches your desired temperature within seconds of activation, allowing you to enjoy a delightful vaping experience with utmost ease.

One of the standout features of the G Pen Roam is its customizable heat preferences. With the integrated digital temperature control and LED display, you have full control over your vaping experience, with a temperature range spanning from 600° to 800°F (315° to 427°C). The device even incorporates a haptic feedback feature that discreetly alerts you when it's ready for use.

Crafted with both discretion and portability in mind, the G Pen Roam boasts a lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy shell that provides ample protection for the Quartz tank and glass water tube. Additionally, the passthrough technology ensures uninterrupted vaping sessions by allowing you to use the device while it's plugged in.

Maintaining the G Pen Roam is a breeze, as all the parts connected to the vapor airpath can be easily disassembled and cleaned. This ensures optimal hygiene and longevity for your vaporizer, guaranteeing a consistently satisfying experience.

The G Pen Roam complete kit comes neatly packaged in a convenient hemp travel case. This case not only keeps your vaporizer secure but also provides space for two of your favorite concentrate jars, allowing you to carry your preferred flavors wherever you go. Additionally, the case features a pocket for accessories, including a micro USB to USB charging cable, a loading tool, and cotton swabs—everything you need for a hassle-free vaping experience.

Experience the future of portable vaporizers with the G Pen Roam. Its cutting-edge design, water-filter feature, customizable heat settings, and sleek travel case make it the ideal companion for both seasoned vaping enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Elevate your vaping experience with the G Pen Roam and indulge in the ultimate satisfaction of flavorful draws, anytime and anywhere.

1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty