Yocan Magneto V2 2020 Edition

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The Magneto V2 Pen Vape is specially designed for your Concentrates. This brand new product was deigned with Yocan's brand new layered ceramic coil technology.

The Yocan Magneto gives you huge clean draws with its new layered ceramic coil technology. The wax simply melts on the first layer, and then goes into the second layer to atomize. The hole on the side is designed for speeding up the vaping time. A feature which sets the magneto apart! This pen is the perfect choice for someone looking for strong, clean tasting vapor. 

Instead of the traditional 510 thread connection, the Magneto introduces a modern vaporizer design with Magnetic Connection between the atomizer tube and base, saving you time. 

Another great feature is the Magnetic Coil Cap built with Dab Tool which makes everything much easier. No extra dab tool needed! Now you just use the bottom of the Magnetic Coil Cap as a Dab Tool to grab your wax, and put the Coil Cap back on. That's it. Dabbing your wax couldn't be easier!

This product is small and discreet, and fits in the palm of your hand. The size is super compact and powerful with a 1100mAh battery capacity. They've improved the power button's design for a much smoother touch and feel. Much easier now to click the button.

Lastly, the Magneto packs a 2ml non-stick silicone jar inside the base for all-in-one handling. This is a great vaporizer designed to make your wax experience more pleasureful, and preserve the great tasting product you fill it with.

Customer Reviews

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Shane Gallagher
Simple and durable

The Magneto is, in my opinion one of the best vape pens out there. It is very simple to use, only has one button and one temp setting. Just fire and go. Very durable unit, it is not cheaply made. Im still running the same coil and I bought mine over a month ago. The magnetic pieces add a nice feature, and the silicone storage at the bottom is very handy for on the go. I HIGHly reccomend the Magneto. Great price too!!:grin::grin:

Decent and Discrete

This is a great product as it is nice and compact allowing it to travel well. It has great features like easy access to the coil to put in your product because of the magnetic snap together design. Also the ceramic coil really helps to preserve the flavors of your favorite concentrate. Last but not least it also has a built in dabbing tool on the coil cap and a silicone compartment in the bottom of the unit to store your concentrates for use when your out and about. Great Product for the price!!!


It's easy to use and perfect for on the go! I love the dab holder on the end!