Yocan Magneto replacement ceramic coils with dab stick coil cap

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The Yocan Magneto pen concentrates vaporizer Replacement Ceramic Coils are of the highest quality. These coils are designed for the purest at heart. These coils preserve the full flavour of your wax, and give you a smooth draw, and great clouds. I find that my concentrate tends to also last a little longer with ceramic coils. Great wax concentrate vaping experience!

Cleaning instructions:

After consistent usage, you will notice some concentrate residue. We recommend cleaning it off with an alcohol solution. I personally have used a dab of vodka or gin on some paper towel, and find it works great for a cheap and easy solution.

Replacing Coils:

Depending on how often you use your device. You will notice eventually it will start to not draw as well. After attempting to clean it, if it still feels hard to draw, it’s time to replace the coil. I personally replace my coils about once a month, but that will vary by use. Replacing the coils is very easy. You just pull out the old one and plug on the new one.


1 Box comes with 5 replacement coils & also comes with the dab stick coil cap