16:20 The Veterans Cannabis Docu-Series

16:20 The Veterans Cannabis Docu-Series

We are honoured to be part of 16:20 The Medical Cannabis Veteran Docu-Series. #VapeFamily, Please watch this trailer now on The Veterans Channel.  Here: https://youtu.be/OynLnjYIUvg

The Veterans Channel is the one of a kind, private, 24/7 cloud broadcasting channel that engages its audience in real time for the education and edification of the men and the woman that serve in the Armed Forces, First Responders, Veterans and their dependents.” https://www.veteranstelevision.com

16:20 The Medical Cannabis Veteran Docu-Series correspondents and Armed Forces Veterans, Steve Defino, Matt Kahl and Ken Proude explore North America to see how medical cannabis impacts the veteran community. Each episode highlights various legislation in practice, veteran testaments and veteran owned and operated medical cannabis businesses.   The show creates further awareness and education to improve the lives of  Veterans.

We at Shatterizer, whole heartedly support this sincere Veteran community, professionally as a brand as well as individuals. We are incredibly proud to partner around the world, for those who have served and serve their country, as The Veterans Channel serves to unite veterans globally.  Join the Veterans Channel fellowship online and through the hashtag #theveteranschannel

We are super thankful to have met both Founder, Henah Ji - a Brilliant Minded Women Awardee (2017) and Correspondent Ken Proude, at the 5th Annual Karma Cup. We are super thrilled to now call them friends … whom we admire and respect … a lot. 

We always learn something new and incredibly cool from Ken. As a retired Canadian Forces Veteran with first hand canna knowledge (as a medicinal patient), his insights are far reaching – and his Facebook posts are equally enlightening.  He’s a really engaging lights, camera, ACTION TAKING ambassador and an incredibly strong story teller. He’s as articulate, genuine and sincere in person as he is on camera and social media. 

Stay tuned Cannabis Community – we are looking forward to all upcoming positive 16:20 developments and more … 

Important List of Links to explore:

Website: https://www.veteranstelevision.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VETERANS_MEDIA