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The Shatterizer team is bringing the perfect clouds to The Karma Cup September 9-10, 2017 and the weather is scheduled to be beautiful! The Karma Cup 2017 assembles the creative elite of the cannabis industry to recognize their hard work. This competition, festival and industry trade show draws the ‘Green Industry’s’ best and brightest together for two fully rewarding days. Over 120 product samples were submitted to a council of 200 unbiased voting judges, dedicated to identifying winning cannabis innovation over a condensed 3-week period of evaluation. Tying into the NORML Canada Conference, the Karma Cup Speaker Series aligns collaborating...

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Champs trade show was established in 1999 and has established itself as a premier counterculture B to B wholesale trade expo for the cannabis industry. Champs is now one of the world's largest and most popular conventions, and brings in hundreds of exhibitors all under one roof. Their shows draw retailers and wholesalers from all over the world to the 4 shows they put on each year. Shatterizer will be attending this year's Las Vegas show July 18-20 2017. We are excited to meet all the great people and companies attending! If there are any companies or individuals attending the...

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Shatterizer would like to thanks all the hard working people at 710the6 for putting on a great event this weekend! Shatterizer was lucky enough to be invited to attend and was thrilled to see all the great companies who partook and entered into The 710 Cup! We were fortunate enough to meet some really cool companies and try some really great products! We had the pleasure of meeting the guys from Rosin Star Extracts and loved their stuff! Solvent-less rosin made by people who clearly know their stuff! Well done!....and great people too!  We also had the pleasure of meeting one...

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We think the Evolve Plus was designed by a wizard at Yocan. Click the button five times, and then your heels, and we warn you, as long as you have this portable vape tech in hand you may never want to go home.  Although it is only slightly larger than Yocan’s original Evolve model, the Evolve Plus actually delivers medium sized vape clouds (not tornado clouds). Your dabbing experience will be not too heavy, not too light, it will feel just about right. You can really put your wax to the max with this device which provides a “to go”...

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