Activist Kristen McRobie: Endometriosis and Me

Activist Kristen McRobie: Endometriosis and Me

Affecting 1 in 10 women, Endometriosis often takes 10 years to painfully diagnosis. Kristen McRobie is an Endometriosis advocate and Marijuana advocate, engendering positive effects through her volunteer organization Endometriosis and Me.

Please visit her beautifully written website, where Kristen articulates her personal journey and shares recent and relevant sources of information. This website goes well beyond info for those actively searching for treatment and community. It is also an amazing resource for those looking to support loved ones, friends and family that have been diagnosed (or are in the process of). “End the silence. Talk period.”

Endometriosis and Me dialogue has sparked so much engagement, her cause has over 60,000 Fans on Facebook– which is enough people to physically fill the Rogers Centre. The Endometriosis and Me GROUP, over 20,000 strong, is a supportive network aligned around the surrounding studies, supplying knowledge, with over 2,000 posts within it monthly.

Thank you for opening up and creating the conversation Kristen! Exploring everything from Celebrities that have Endometriosis to topics discussing Endometriosis and Endocannabinoids, we were touched that you had heard of us. Thank you for including the Shatterizer in your Reviews  … stay tuned coming soon!

When Kristen’s not in the throws of activism and raising awareness, courage and spirits or sharing uplifting (and super humorous) tweets, she can be found playing or snuggling with her handsome Rottweiler ROMAN – who is also full of positive energy, love and support.

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