At Hamilton Vape Lounge “It’s Always Flavour when I hit that Vapor”

At Hamilton Vape Lounge “It’s Always Flavour when I hit that Vapor”

Anthony, Owner of Hamilton Vape, has the loudest laugh, backed by the sincerest smile and he’s just one of those guys who lights up a room. His genuine want to promote wellness within the cannabis community aligns with his holistic approach to customer servitude and gratitude.  

Educational, enthusiastic and within an upscale and open environment, Anthony makes consultative recommendations only after understanding who his client truly is. He really listens to you and you can listen to him over his crystal clear in-house sound system that provides an upbeat atmosphere.  Cover gets you inside with a refreshing beverage and he will set you up from his stacked collection of the finest gear and gadgets for your vape needs and exceed your dabbing desires.

Anthony wastes nothing, time or cannabis, and we watched him clean his personal Shatterizer’s ceramic coils (which he personally prefers) upside down, using a rigg with the “reclaim hit” of an appreciative connoisseur. His signature saying is “It’s always favour when I hit that vapor!”

In fact, he’s dedicated to helping the community gravitate to a higher experience going beyond your typical flower, but remaining every bit as pure (solventless) with his in-house ROSIN PRESS Service.  At Hamilton Vape, it’s BYOB (Bring Your Own Bud) and leave with ROSIN, all for a nominal fee.  

He’s not only making ROSIN affordable and accessible, but he will walk you through the machinery, the mechanics, process and techniques.


He does this all while assessing 4 different temperature gauges and muscles a really cool lever like a car jack, it’s really an impressive operation.   We’d say Anthony puts as much heart as muscle into sharing his ROSIN PRESS services and disseminating accumulated knowledge each step of the way.


Similar to tapping and then tasting your own maple syrup, post pot processing he will scoop you off a dab of your “freshly pressed flower” before cooling and collecting the batch, providing you with a tasting on the second round.  Pure, refined without chemicals, only cannabis compression and heat off the press, the concentrated colours extracted are admirable.

Thank you to Anthony and Hamilton Vape for having us instore and your impressive ROSIN Press demonstration. The Shatterizer team highly suggests you connect with Hamilton Vape, located at 1463 Main Street East Unit 2, Hamilton, Ontario L8K1C5, meet Anthony and get social at his lounge, or through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

 Check out his wicked #HamiltonVapes video here!