Team Shatterizer is going to be front and centre to cheer on Wiarton’s (and probably Canada’s) first ever Bongspiel, upcoming: Saturday January 26, 2019!

Got some burning questions … email Ted at … but to answer your first one, this tournament is already full. The inaugural Bongspiel, filled up within 24 hours … for 16 winning teams (comprising of 4 players and 1 spare/coach each).

If you didn’t know – A Bonspiel is a curling tournament – this Bongspiel however is a cannabis enthusiasts curling dream! And #TeamShatterizer can’t express how excited we are to be part of the first of it’s KIND… a real competitive Canadian classic … for the Cannabis Community 😊

Please check out this lovely article for background, bio and to meet our new buds. The coverage is incredible, by Zoe Kessler of the Wiarton Echo.

Want to see the action, and cheer on a sweeping athletic success!?!
Join the Wiarton & District Curling Club located on 563 George St, Wiarton, ON N0H 2T0

With over a million curlers around the world (George Clooney being a leading fan), we are pleased to be part of the prizing!

With politeness as a key part of curling etiquette we can’t expressed how honoured we are to attend Thank You for the lovely invitation!

Go #TeamShatterizer!

Also, listen to the link = for Ted’s interview on “The Shift with Drex”