CannabisPhil & the DeanBlundell Dream Team!

CannabisPhil & the DeanBlundell Dream Team!

Who is CannabisPhil? Well, let us tell you … he works “From the Cloud” and taught us the definition of High “AF.” If you didn’t know he’s a blogger, a videographer, a photographer, a foodie and probably the greatest friend Shatterizer could ever have.

He never goes anywhere without his camera or Shatterizer around his neck. Thank you Phil!

In fact, we’ve Shatterized with Phil in LasVegas, Vancouver and Toronto … We were so happy to be introduced to the DeanBlundell Dream Team … Dean – we loved being on your show and being in studio to catch PerfectClouds over the AIR!


Warmest congrats to all the fine folks who entered the huge DRAW for Shatterizer! We love the equation of 220 + 200 = skill testing for sure! And to our winner who answered 420 … enjoy the #PerfectClouds.  Thanks for the announcement Jimmy The Prince … Shug McSween thanks for the winning write up. 



Rookie ain’t a Rookie when it came to this unboxing … he’s even got special names for the variable voltage settings! Watch Now! As he uncovers the best vape on the planet!

Please do read all of Phil’s edutaining cannacontent… he’s got everything covered in the Cannabis Section of!


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