Predicting a mouthful of kushy ultra #PerfectClouds soon Shatterizer Family! We are so thankful to all our Shatterizer Family for all the support along the way! We’re highly happy to share what’s NEW in Canada and coming soon, with our whole hearts (8 Ball Kush Shatter Heart featured Below ….)  

Made with love, using the highest levels of science, technology and quality extraction methods and processes, Shatterizer Extracts is proud to share these perfected products, available in ½ grams and coming soon! Check out our newest website: for even more Extracts NEWS!



8 Ball Kush Shatterizer Shatter is a solid indica with high density trichomes and flavours you can bank on, originating from King Kush and Bubba Kush strains. 

MK Ultra Shatterizer Shatter is transparent in taste and texture. Ground yourself in unearthed flavours, this indica Shatterizer shatter is extracted to perfection, and showcased on Shatterizer's CTECH Coil  ... 


Gorilla Blueberry OG Shatterizer Live Wax, it’s a mouthful of full flavour and full-spectrum #PerfectClouds. Co-parented by the best strains, extracted from freshly frozen whole flower, this hybrid has been whipped and winterized, perfectly and featured on our Shatterizer dab tool!

All Shatterizer Extracts cannabis concentrates will be highly flavourful and very high in THC potency (please enjoy very responsibly). To learn more about our NEW Extracts products - available in Canada SOON ... Please join our new Shatterizer Extracts Family on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.