Dear Canada!

Dear Canada!

Dear Canada,

We are sorry! DabTabs are not available just yet ... 

We love you. We will always love you, we want you to know about an exciting new addition … and we wanted you to hear it from us first … From Perfect Specs to #PerfectTaste … Welcome to the Vape Family DabTabs Edition!

Our NEW Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer is now in the USA!  ALL the info is up on our American website … which is really great news!  

BUT We’re so SORRY Canadian friends, it is only available to our American friends… currently. Please read the full press release coming soon for all the details!

Please, please, please sign up for our Canadian Newsletter:  … 

We promise you will be the first to know when we launch the revolutionary device into Canada, with the #PerfectTaste of #DabTabs.  

However, if you happen to be in Oregon, Nevada, California, Maryland or Delaware, even Arizona (more states to come) … we invite you to you try Dabbing Re-invented with DabTabs … and on our custom vape pen built specifically for this brand new “extract delivery system!”

Want to know Why WE LOVE DabTabs … learn more HERE … it’s #PerfectTaste with less waste, every time…

Thank You so much for being the most supportive VapeFam, and sharing your #PerfectClouds across Canada and the world!  Here’s where you can find our newest VapeFam friends @DabTabs … make sure to share the social #VapeLove!!!!

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From Perfect Specs to #PerfectTaste: Welcome to the Shatterizer Vape Family DabTabs!