Episode 5 of NAMASTE 420 LIVE & Capital Ideas TV!

Episode 5 of NAMASTE 420 LIVE & Capital Ideas TV!

What an exciting past couple weeks and it’s only going to get more exciting across Canada and beyond! Thank you cannabis community because you’ve given us cause. Since early June, we’ve been celebrating fantastic partnership news by working hard and testing some new pod prototypes!

Thank You to the Namaste Technologies team for all the support and encouragement… and having us LIVE with Co-Founder Kory and Mark Bunting on Namaste’s and Capital Ideas TV weekly Wednesday YouTube broadcast.

It was awesome to be guests on your platform and say Thank You on EPISODE 5 of NAMASTE 420 LIVE with Capital Ideas TV!


It’s been such an opportunity to develop, grassroots and ground up. To our host and interviewer Mark, with his years of experience covering capital markets, business and sports as an anchor/reporter with BNN, Bloomberg TV Canada and TSN, he’s incredibly NICE.

Both Mark and the entire #CaptialIdeas team made us first-time interviewees feel right at home … and maybe we were. Mark, Kory, thank you for your kind words, questions and conversation. We loved sharing the Shatterizer story and we are sincerely appreciative for this opportunity!

Check out these links …

YouTube streaming live on the Namaste 420 Live with Capital Ideas:

Namaste Tech: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Nulr8vjX_DdFS-vzLze4A
Capital Ideas: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL29COg9SZAGDoOvHPleL8w

Namaste Technologies on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/namastetechnologies/

And an extra special thanks to Ben – who helped with the videography of our first live broadcast!