Getting down to Biz @ O’Cannabiz

Getting down to Biz @ O’Cannabiz

We loved being at the O’Cannabiz Conference this year.

From breakfast to dinner #TeamShatterizer along with High!Canada and the entire #VapeFamily worked the show floor and had the opportunity to hear what the leading edge exhibitors and speakers had to say.

We learnt a lot and are thankful to have made some new friends from around the world too! Thanks to Phil Wong for catching us all together! 

Did you get a chance to check out Advanced Nutrients? So many of our clients are interested in cultivating their own plants (and making extracts at home)! From seed to vape … are BIG BUDs on your horizon?  With their Cup Winning Nutrients, we are really looking forward to a heavier and tastier yield!

You can’t help but look up to #BigMike the CEO - check out this Business Outlaws podcast, on the MerryJane and make sure to download the Advanced Nutrients app … to get your calculations right.

Warmest thank you to MeloMomentz of High!Canada who covered the Women’s Cannabis Business Breakfast exploring “Roll Models” and “Women Leaders.” This “wake up session” was a panel of diverse perspectives from female forward leadership, associated within the realms of law, politics, medicine, legal, illegal (and more), with a sense of humor and go girl gumption, both necessary in the professional space … Thank you!

To Stormebuds, thank you for your artistry and craftsmenship. You are top shelf … thank you for the gift!

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