Halloween is coming up!

Halloween is coming up!

HALLOWEEN is Coming Up! And it’s on a ShatterDay (Saturday) Night! #PerfectClouds are predicted everywhere and all the time on October 31, 2020! Also, keep in your calendar October 26 ... is National Pumpkin Day!

Trick or Treat Shatterizer Family? Why not treat yourself to some new coils? Our CTECH ceramic coils release full vapor flavours, the terps will be terrifyingly tasty.  

Looking for hauntingly huge #PerfectClouds – the trick will be using our Quartz Dual Coils QDC which come standard with our Shatterizer starter kit. It all comes down to personal preference ... both CTECH and QDC are loved!

There’s lots of fun in the forecast and #PerfectClouds all October. To all of our Cat Lovers, National Cat Day is coming up on October 29th too! We hope you enjoy all of our favourite fall special daze, and let’s keep social on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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