Happy 420!

Happy 420!

It was so special to celebrate 420 2019 with our #VapeFam! Thanks for sharing pics from around the globe – and including your #PerfectClouds.

Thank You to Phil Wong, Dean Blundell Blogger! He ‘worked from the cloud’ and captured key shots of the celebrations, from Woodbine Park to the HotBox Block Party. As always we had the last laugh of the evening at the Underground Comedy Club!

Val had a blast at the 420 Niagara Expo with girlfriends of #TeamCanndora!

The Canndora booth was amazing, and from 4pm onwards there was a crowd around the panel about women and cannabis and what is to come! From job creation to product developments, from dating to senior specific awareness, the cannabis conversation was open and the audience asking amazing questions.    



It was a pleasure and honour to sit with Jacqui Childs (author and activist), EKS #FierceFounders Tijen and Ashley, with the panel moderator Bridget , co-founder of the highly talented Marigold Marketing & PR. Please check out what is in Canndora’s extra special SPRING subscription box …  

Thank you for the wonderful discussion (and gorgeous speakers goodies)!

More great news! Lady Cannabis of Niagara, our new friends of CCRXC Canadian Cannabis RX Consultants shall have Shatterizer on shelf this week! Look for PerfectClouds over Fonthill, and learn more here: http://ccrxc.ca/



Big shout out and congrats to Kim Cooper – Timmins 420: https://www.facebook.com/NOCERorg/

Thank You for Making 420 such a special day for Shatterizer.

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We are so thankful for all the PerfectClouds!