Happy 420 Shatterizer Family!

Happy 420 Shatterizer Family!

Happy 420 Shatterizer Family! April 20th is one of our favourite celebrations – and full of #PerfectClouds, always in all ways! Thank you for making each and every 420 such a hit!  Whether it’s 4:20 am, 4:20 pm it's always 420! 

All day and all night, we predict UP LIT perfect clouds everywhere and all Spring …  We are BUBBLIN’ with excitement it’s finally SPRING (and 420!).

Enjoy our newest concentrates vaporizer – a true hybrid model! It’s a desktop / portable travelling BUBBLER …with a base, case and more … for here and there LIT UP #PerfectClouds!

Happy Second BIRTHDAY Shatterizer Extracts Family! Read more Right HERE: https://bit.ly/April112023

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We are so thankful… you’ve shattered our expectations with love, support and above and beyond #PerfectClouds! Let’s celebrate 420, stay social and connect online, right across Canada Shatterizer Family! 

Let's keep SOCIAL on FacebookTwitter and Instagram! 

Sky’s the limit with #PerfectClouds in the forecast, predicted, on the horizon with even more good news coming soon Rockstar Shatterizer Family, all Spring and right into Summer! Please Email us anytime info@shatterizer.com

Thank you for shattering our expectations and We wish you a HAPPY 420!