Happy Easter Holidays, 420 Celebrations and Customer Service!

Happy Easter Holidays, 420 Celebrations and Customer Service!

On behalf of the Shatterizer #VapeFamily we wish all our friends around globe a very happy long weekend for Easter holidays with family, friends and Bunny fun! Especially because it’s 420 weekend too.

We’re always on the hunt for #PerfectClouds and #PerfectPics, so we look forward to getting social with you on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

Whether the weather is rainy, snowy or sunshine, look for perfect clouds! #TeamShatterizer is open for business to ensure you have the #Perfect long weekend!

Please email us anytime at info@shatterizer.com for the highest-level service! If you happen to use our website’s chat option, please ensure to leave your email address and first name! Whether, it is friday, saturday, sunday or monday!


For easy reference, click on the red wording below for articles, videos and resources :)  If it’s your first time using your Shatterizer recreationally, therapeutically or celebratory and discreetly …read some of our favourites!

Check out all three of our newest Shatterizer Videos HERE about: Coils (CTECH vs. QDC), cleaning instructions and accessorizes!

Better yet, we love our #VapeFamily. Watch these “home-made” videos from our Shatterizer #VapeFamily, which are always a treat to view.

Have a wonderful weekend – we wish you #PerfectClouds!

Searching for 420 Celebrations – check out #PerfectClouds over … to learn about the Niagara Falls 420 Expo and more …