High Society Supper Club & Precious Chong: Monster MashUp

High Society Supper Club & Precious Chong: Monster MashUp

Each and every attendee enjoyed a “CHEF’S TABLE” at Planet Paradise, for this year’s Monster Mashup by High Society Supper Club.  Not only did we say YES CHEF all evening, but we said YES PLEASE… and can we take some more to go? If YOU didn’t get to go, check out High Society’s full menu here along with pics on Shatterizer’s Facebook.   

Cooked with LOVE, it was course after course and hit after hit from Reena’s High Society Supper Club kitchen set up. From the Roasted Pumpkin Spice Soup with CHAMPAGNE KUSH CREAM to BLACK DIAMOND KUSH 7 Cheese Truffle Mac … Catering to highest level of deliciousness – we suggest you connect with her directly to curate your next marijuana infused menu. All guests were enticed by her customized cuisine, a #420foodies affair with flair. 

And please check out Planet Paradise - the “greenest” and probably comfiest/coolest entertainment based vaporizing venue in Cabbagetown. There’s a certain warmth within the booths, a soft-seat-sink-right-in-and-stay style, accompanied by elegant recessed fire places. A greeting by gorgeous in-house hostess and beauty budtender SPLIFFS makes everyone feel welcome. 

Guests including Michael Kushberry, and Chris of Leafy Meds captured the evening in its finest form and across media mediums. Thank You Extracted Canada for your quality concentrates. Cheers to the generosity of ganja official event sponsors Cannabiscotti, The Canna Chocolatier, Sofa King Bakery, and for the musical performance, Devon Tracy.

The team at Khronik Kreations were truly sweet as their sultry desserts. Not only did they provide the recipe for a good time, but their table to table interaction equalled supreme service. These femmeprenuers are all sweet as cupcakes … you should see their Khronik Kreations cupcake review by Michael Kushberry!

These bakers and event planners from Hamilton work together with High Society Supper Club on select events by providing the desserts.   They served an Apple Sauce cake with Cinnamon Apple topping w/ caramel and whip cream that evening.

But the howling highlight of the party was Precious Chong’s performance on the main stage paired with dinner and dessert. She truly has put a classy spin on cannabis humour with a female forward flair. As a petite comedienne, with the capacity to generate huge laughs, she’s a straight up hilarious heroine. You can tell she’s leading within the cannabis revolution, one laugh at a time.  

Whether you’ve been brought up with marijuana or are new to the industry, Precious Chong’s tales aligned with the consequences of the “family business” generated unprecedented giggles. From the perspective of a Mother, Daughter, Girlfriend and hardworking Artist, she had us in hysterics on the balancing act of it all. Congrats on Episode 50 How to Deal with Divorce, Sex and the Single Parent.  And yes - Precious Chong can walk on stilts … and her boyfriend is enjoying the Shatterizer, loaded with Green Belt Healing.  

Thank you again to High Society Supper Club – for being an innovator, friend, extraordinary chefs and hosting such a fine Halloween Monster MashUp.