J.Frost and The Scary Newfoundland Halloween Shatterizer Tour

J.Frost and The Scary Newfoundland Halloween Shatterizer Tour

Don’t be scared, look for hauntingly #PerfectClouds hovering over whichever town J.FROST is in and whenever on stage!

Cannabis Corner with Jesef Monty Frost aka J.Frost performs across Newfoundland in

Cornerbrook on Oct 25
Gander Oct 26
St. John’s on Oct.27

It’s a winning Halloween Tour, the show is truly awesome – he is such a talent! Trust us, make sure to get his autograph now. We certainly request it each and every time we ship him a Shatterizer package :)

We loved watching him present his tunes and talk at Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana (MUMM) Society’s Harvestfest. He performs with all his heart, we are so pleased to be on tour with him!!!!!

“With his infectious beats, J Frost will reignite your love 4 hip hop. Never selling out & keepin' it real as it gets Frosty's lyrics are truthful and hit home.” #TeamShatterizer Agrees!

Read about him climbing a mountain with his #Shatterizer here: https://shatterizer.ca/blogs/news/j-frost-our-new-friend-of-newfoundland-labrador-climbs-mountain

And watch him Star in the below!

Check out J.Frost at MUMMSociety in Nova Scotia here: https://shatterizer.ca/blogs/news/thank-you-east-coast-perfect-clouds-reported-over-nova-scotia

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If you want to book ‘em or partner up here’s J.Frost’s biz mail - frozensmilerecords@hotmail.com

We also love J.Frost on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jmf709/ and can’t help but follow his adventures on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jmf709