Karma Cup 2019 Plans!

Karma Cup 2019 Plans!

Another summer has come and gone … and we are highly anticipating the Karma Cup 2019. We launched our original Shatterizer in September 2017 ... 2 years ago, there. We can hardly wait to see our very original and very loved vape family. It’s September 7th & 8th location "to be announced."

Every year we try to do something special, new and fun. Last year we launched our engraved Sativa, Hybrid and Indica coil caps for QDC and CTECH coils (a travelling organized 5 pack) and extended our fashion line of hats – in colours and in Faux Croc …

This year please visit us at BOOTH "to be announced."  
We are going to be launching Project “S” ...
"to be announced." 

From Vancouver guests, to Halifax friends to our clients of Saskatchewan…. Check out last years album on Facebook

Karma Cup Team we think this is going to be the best one yet.



Look for #PerfectCloud Lanyards, Shatterizer Glow Rings and we are absolutely going to bring them…

Please visit https://thekarmacup.com/ to learn more about our favorite Cannabis Festival and Elite Cannabis Competition and join The Karma Cup Facebook Community.