#LastFridayNight and The 420 Radio Show!

#LastFridayNight and The 420 Radio Show!

Round to tune in to The 420 Radio Show’s Tragically Hip Tribute #LastFridayNight? If not, no worries … download and upload with #NOFILTER required here. The Shatterizer team was thrilled to be included as a guest and as a call-in contest prize...

With 9+/10 rating, unwrapping and lots of shatterizing through live broadcast…catch up online to a good old-fashioned yet forward-thinking discussion lead by amazing host Al Rapp, with Marijane Baker, and Marcel Gignac.

We were honoured to be included in the conversation along side cannabis advocate and Peter Pietrangeli founder of Acme Elixirs in California and associated with LA Confidential Caregivers. Thank you Peter, for providing a grassroots update as to what’s going on with California cannabis farms businesses who are being affected by the fires, our thoughts are with You…    

From debating ‘flying with your cannabis meds’ to the ‘reefer madness society with a puff, a party, a tragedy’ The 420 Radio Show really provides “enlightenment” across cannabis culture. Thank you to Al Rapp, the founder for being a resource and source of information for so many through live, cannabis, radio, talk with a great sense of humor and nothing off base for discussion …  

Warmest congrats to our winning caller HILLARY who will receive the Shatterizer prize for answering a super challenging skill testing Tragically Hip knowledge based question. Please note we are sending along little bonus prize for being an extra super sweet 420 Radio Show fan. Our CTECH Ceramic Coils are also en-route for an extra special delivery.

We love you Peacemaker420 – Thank you for supplying the Shatterizer for Marijane Baker’s review. If you are in the Belleville region – check out Peacemaker420 for their tremendous customer service and products across the board!

In conclusion, we really appreciated the invitation to be on The 420 Radio Show, the budding news source – please connect with Al Rapp, he’s breath takingly brilliant and his show is growing!   


Thank you to photography by our friend, hostess and artist: Marijane Baker!

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