Meet The Drone Ninja of Colorado

Meet The Drone Ninja of Colorado

Operating Colorado Cannabis Tours,  we happened to literally run into driver Travis in the middle of his day, high noonish. We watched him entertain his “ganja guests” with such greatness, they all lit up. We knew we simply had to well, become friends… on more than just Facebook. And maybe even get Tambourine Man Limo’s  420 Friendly Airport Pick Up, next time we’re in state! 

Travis, otherwise know as Drone Ninja, has a super interesting personal story, and we caught up with the man behind the online identity … It is clear to us that he’s amazing at capturing the open roads of opportunities and capturing the rolling landscapes (and best trees) of the wild west in Colorado.

Son of a truck driving Mother, his drive comes naturally (and role leading Cannabis) - he had toured the lower 48 before the age of 3. He’s also excelled as a remote drone pilot under section 333, a producer in film and video and in the kitchen … as a certified chef.

As Key Holder within the Colorado Licensing system – Travis is aligned to make key decisions that affect legal marijuana businesses (from grow decisions to management), he’s been cleared by security and the military for this top retail certification (MMC-OPC-MIP) ... and we just thought he was cool!

Concentrated upon building his budding business legitimately, Travis settled his homestead in Colorado, with his wife and lovely family of 3 children and 2 retired doggies – Karma & Dooders.

Travis is a real born mover and shaker, operations specialist and is a creative entrepreneurial spirit. Be inspired by his photography and if you are in Colorado please connect with anytime through INSTAGRAM.

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