NEW Website

NEW Website

We invite you to visit our newly launched website Shatterizer Family – welcoming our new lineup of EXTRACTS, revealing our pipeline of NEW products to come!

Please enjoy our guides such as How to Enjoy Extracts, a Glossary of Terps and Terms and a fun FAQ section … all available online along with 360 Videos of products coming soon! Please read our NEWS release here!

Concentrated on Extracts please enjoy these 360 Videos starring our 8 Ball Kush Shatter, Gorilla Blueberry OG LIVE Wax and MK Ultra Shatter.

8 Ball Kush Shatter

Gorilla Blueberry OG LIVE Wax

MK Ultra Shatter

Your continued love and support has enabled us to grow. We are going to shatter expectations, together! Please join our new Shatterizer Extracts Family on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Thank You for visiting our new website