Nominated and BUBBLIN’ with Appreciation Shatterizer Family!

Nominated and BUBBLIN’ with Appreciation Shatterizer Family!

Thank you Shatterizer Family across Canada! We’re BUBBLIN’ with appreciation, for this PERFECT surprise nomination!  

We sincerely appreciate the Grow Up Industry Awards nom for 2023 Accessory of the Year!  Please Watch #PerfectClouds Bubblin' below!


Congrats to all our FRIENDS in the Accessories category - we’re honoured to be included: by August 28, 2023!

AND we’re thrilled to announce our beloved BUBBLIN’ extracts vaporizer is going to be coming with us to Victoria, BC- Oct 1, 2023. For the Grow UP Industry Awards Gala!

We can hardly wait to share our UP LIT Water Feature, traveling in our protective & discreet travel case with YOU - all our Shatterizing Friends and family. We look forward to BUBBLIN’ all summer, with waves of BUBBLIN’ #PerfectClouds right into Victoria!

Please Register and Vote up until the end of Summer on August 28th!

If you love the BUBBLER as much as we do, please support our GROWUP-ing, Shatterizing Family Business,

We genuinely appreciate YOU our Shatterizer family whose love and support has seen us Grow Up with even more #PerfectClouds, since 2017!

We are so thankful that you love our BUBBLER by Shatterizer and We hope that you are enjoying Perfect Summer Clouds …