Now Available at the OCS Ontario Shatterizer Family!

Now Available at the OCS Ontario Shatterizer Family!

Ontario it’s official, we are pleased, thrilled and honoured to be officially working with the Ontario Cannabis Store team. Thank You for the warm welcome OCS! 

Shatterizer concentrate vaporizers and coils are “Just In” and online and available now in the new extract vaporizer section! Read more about our portability, versatility with our 510 thread and long-lasting battery on the OCS Website!

Shatterizer Aluminum Silver Vaporizer, Shatterizer Aluminum Black Vaporizer, QDC Quartz Dual Coil 5 Packs and CTECH Ceramic Coil 5 Packs are now available through the Ontario Cannabis Stores, Shatterizer Family!

We are so excited for what is in store for Ontarians and we are thankful for this opportunity to provide even more #PerfectClouds across the province!

Please check out this article from the OCS an Extracts Deep Dive, all about concentrates. This potent list is concentrated on solvents and solventless … Your NEW Shatterizer and CTECH Ceramic coils or QDC Quartz coils will vaporize Distillate, Live Resin, Rosin, Wax and of course Shatter into #PerfectClouds!

If you have any questions, call us, email us, Email us or call our Shatterizer FREE hotline 1.855.678.8273 (VAPE). Our product reviews and customer services reviews make us highly recommended! 

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Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer Listing:
QDC Quartz Dual Coils:
CTECH Ceramic Coils:
Extracts Deep Dive:

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