On Top of the #PerfectGift for the holiday?

On Top of the #PerfectGift for the holiday?

Cannabis Concentrate Lovers … are you on top of the #PerfectGift for the holidays? We want to make sure that all your Shatterizing wishes come true … no ganjagrinches!


We’ve got you covered with our “on the go and highly durable” aluminum top options, in silver or black. Or if you prefer the class of glass our borosilicate glass globe allows you “to watch the vapors build” …Why not treat yourself to both for a home and away option!  

Are you Ho Ho Ho and Go Go Go over the holidays? …  Don’t worry our Shatterizer comes partially charged out of the box … with a long lasting 18350 Lithium Ion Battery (no need to search around for extra AAs or AAAs).It charges fully in about 2 hours and the all-inclusive Shatterizer Starter Kit (and travel box) comes with:

User instructions / click guide
Atomizer with borosilicate glass, silver or black aluminum globe
2 Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) coils and coil cap
Battery with 3 Stage Variable Voltage
Magnetic Storage Container
USB Charging Cord & of course a Dab tool

Winter hats not included ... please check them out here ...

A Festive 5 pack of of Coils is the perfect gear for this gadget ... To learn the differences between our coils and how to load them - check out this video and don’t forget the coil caps! 

For all of our Shatterizer Accessories Click Here: https://shatterizer.ca/collections/shatterizer-accessories 

Shatterizer Aluminum Globe: https://shatterizer.ca/products/new-shatterizer-silver-or-shatterizer-black-tops

Shatterizer Boroscillicate Glass Globe: https://shatterizer.ca/collections/shatterizer-accessories/products/shatterizer-replacement-glass-and-mouthpiece

Winter Hats: https://shatterizer.ca/blogs/news/new-limited-edition-shatterizer-winter-hats-now-available

S Pod: https://shatterizer.com/collections/shatterizer-accessories/products/the-s-pod-shatterizer-s-new-ceramic-oil-coil