Open ALL Long Weekend!

Open ALL Long Weekend!

On behalf of your Shatterizer Family, we wish all our friends around the globe a very relaxing long weekend and … we are OPEN for business to ensure it’s #Perfect! There are #PerfectClouds in the forecast all Victoria Day.

Please email us anytime from anywhere at for the highest-level service! Whether, it is Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday!  

And as long as the mail ships, you can count on us to ship out your parcel in ship shape and discreetly, and as immediately as it’s packed you will get an email with it tracked. 

Questions? You can call our Shatterizer hotline for free 1.855.678.8273 And if it’s your first time using your Shatterizer - Watch this Shatterizing HOW TO Video now.

Remember, keep the flowers and herbs in your garden and cannabis concentrates and extracts in your Shatterizer. Wanting to fill your Shatterizer with different cannabis concentrates strains and flavours through out the day? 

Simply preload and store your product in our convenient Shatterizer 5 Pack of Coils available in Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) or Ceramic (CTECH). Top that coil with an engraved strain specific coil cap – we have them in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid 5 packs too! 

Enjoy your time over the long weekend and expect #PerfectClouds!

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HAPPY VICTORIA DAY Shatterizer Family!