OPEN for Family Day!

OPEN for Family Day!

We love you #Shatterizer Family! AND of course, we are open all Family Day long weekend Canada and the holiday Monday… who else would want to spend it with? There are ONLY #PerfectClouds in the forecast! Questions? Email or call us anytime We’re always OPEN! Thank You being a part of our growing Shatterizer Family and for all the Heart Warming Reviews!!!!!

Hope you had a great Valentines day ... and if you are looking for the #PerfectGift for your #Extracts Lover, pick out a 5 pack of CTECH or QDC coils… and enjoy the #PerfectClouds predicted, together …

Big News and Good #News coming soon #Shatterizer Family! Please sign-up for our newsletter and be the first to know! Even more #PerfectClouds on the horizon …


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