Open for the Winter Holidays!

Open for the Winter Holidays!

We sincerely wish you perfect clouds over the winter holidays and all the best wishes into 2021! We are open to make your holiday as merry as it can be, so count on your Shatterizer Family to be available to help you enjoy #PerfectClouds everywhere and all the time! 

Happy Kushmas Eve (Dec 24)
Merry CannaChristmas (Dec 25) 
UN-Boxing Day (Dec 26)

#TeamShatterizer is open and our client services will be elevated by Santa’s Shatterizing elves to ensure you have the #PerfectGift and experience. 

We will also be OPEN

New Years Eve (Dec 31) 
New Years Day (Jan 1)

To ring in the New Year with good cheer and #PerfectClouds. ...

Call us from anywhere on our toll-free Shatterizer hotline at 1-855-678-8273 (VAPE) and anytime between the hours of 10:00 am - 10:00 pm or via email Your Shatterizer will come fully assembled, battery included and partially, charged (no As, AAs or AAAs required), in it’s travel box with a click guide. See our official unboxing and unwrapping video below!


We want to make sure that all your Shatterizing wishes come true … We include a back up Quartz Dual Coil, so you can unbox, go and ho-ho-ho!

Before you open up your NEW pack of Shatterizer coils or unwrap your NEW vaporizer – SCRATCH & SCAN … with our NEW Customer Service APP:

Tis the season for #PerfectClouds and Perfect Wintery pics ... we look forward to getting social with you on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

Learn more about all our Coils HERE and what you can enjoy in your Shatterizer! #WarmWishes #CannabisCommunity!