#PerfectClouds Videographers

#PerfectClouds Videographers

Team #Shatterizer is always on the WATCH for #PerfectClouds! Thank you #CannaFam for sharing your shatterizing videos... We’ve recently uploaded 20 new videos to our website that are starring You!

Click here for the complete series of more than 60 videos of #PERFECTCLOUDS WATCH: VIDEO CLIPS & SHATTERIZER HITS, HOW TO’S AND UN-BOXINGS of our #VapeFamily!

From participating in the first ever cannabis curling tournament, to being Naughty By Nature, crashing YouTube HQLA to Canndora’s DIY Rosin making … Please take a #PerfectClouds moment CannaFam to review our most recent videos.

This is adult-only entertainment okay – you f-ing get us #CannaFam? Must be of legal age, wherever you legally are watching…   Some cussing included, and it’s funny AF as Phil Wong would say! Click on the below links highlighted in Shatterizer Red to visit the videographer! 

Phil Wong (Golfing & Shatterizing) … 
As seen above ...   

Tommy Chong & LA Weekly

HerBLife with Roxy Rolla

Vice’s Bongspiel

DIY: How To Make Your Own Rosin by Canndora

Naughty By Nature LIVE from the Indigenous Cannabis Cup – Smoke Signals  

Mother’s Mary



Snoop & Phil Wong

Official Oct 17 2018 Legalization Party Video on Facebook

Cannabis Culinary Association

Midas Letter Shatterizer Review, YouTube Los Angeles, CA

Unboxing by Dean Blundell.com

The Nerdy Toker

Canadian Canna Lady

Canna Recovery


DabTabs Visual Vaporization on the Shatterizer DabTabs Edition

How To & Founders Interview with Canndora!

Shatterizer goes to Spain with the Cannabis Fairy

Miss Doobie Doll

Please watch and join our videographers on Instagram and Facebook to see even more #PerfectClouds as they form and join our #CannaFam online! 

Lights, Camera, Action … Roll out the #PerfectClouds!