PuffTuff PonyBoy of Los Marijuanos and a Shatterizer mic

PuffTuff PonyBoy of Los Marijuanos and a Shatterizer mic

Probably one of the coolest artists we’ve ever met - you’ve got to be one of the millions to follow this free-style free-flowing poet on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and over the radio. In Las Vegas this week (wait last week), at the Champs Trade Show, we got a Shatterizer into his hand, and he turned it into a microphone …  (We confess– we have too …)

Creating the dopest “Hemp Hop” tracks Pony Boy's cannabis catchy phrases always include well wishes to the Cannabis Community as a “Defender of Dank” with a keen interest in the decriminalization of marijuana. 

“I hope you have a #PUFFTUFF day my #NUGGETS.”  

Check out Pony Boy’s video here, hittin’ it like a “mutha-$%^#ing champion.” FYI explicit!



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Los Marijuanos are modern Day Hemp Freedom Fighters. Preaching the legalization vibe everywhere they go! their music can be defined as "good get high music" by their legions of fans world wide. Their music is for the patients, the growers, the care givers, hemp believers, as well as the smokers and the tokers.