Shatterizer Family #PerfectClouds for OIL Day!

Shatterizer Family #PerfectClouds for OIL Day!

July 10, 2023 is coming up Shatterizer Family and #PerfectClouds are predicted all Summer and especially on OIL Day .. THIS 710!  And we're BUBBLIN' with Excitement!   

Here, there and Everywhere ALL SUMMER ... we've got some Triple Infused Good NEWS coming soon Rockstar Shatterizer Family! Make sure to sign-up for our family newsletter and stay tuned on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

We love all summer holidaze, especially celebrating 710 and we are OPEN for long weekends and each and every perfect day.  

We’ve got cool summer accessories too! Caps, Tops, Coils and More! 
Pick up a 5 Pack for cool Summer Clouds!


We sincerely look forward to all celebrations and summer weather! We are BUBBLIN’ with excitement to Travel for the summer with our BUBBLER by Shatterizer ...  and 710 celebrations!   

Our Shatterizer Extracts Family just turned two years old and our BUBBLER by Shatterizer is turning 2 too, this OIL DAY! From Patio or Desktop mode to Portable or BEACH mode ... we are making a splash all Summer!

Wishing you the happiest 710 and perfect Summer Shatterizer Family!