Shatterizer USA has now launched!

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Shatterizer USA has now launched!

Shatterizer USA has now launched!

We are very happy to announce the launch of our U.S website branded under Shatterizer USA!

We are excited to now offer our customers the ability to shop with us in $USD at and $CAD at

We are very excited about this launch and invite you to take a look!

We have several other new developments @shatterizer!

We’ve recently become the exclusive North American distributor of the newly announced Doobie Twists brand….please check it out!

We are also in the final stages of preparing our first Shatterizer branded product! Stay tuned for the big announcement….coming in the next week or two!

Lastly, we want to take the time to thank all our employees, partners, service providers, and of course all our customers, and loyal followers! We can’t thank all of you enough! The warm welcome in the community has been overwhelmingly fantastic and we are thankful to be welcomed by all of you!

We hope everyone has had a chance to visit our website(s) and or our @shatterizer Instagram, FB, twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube pages. We try to make new posts daily to try and keep our followers informed about what we are up to, and hopefully keep you entertained with our unique style of ads!

That’s all for now!

Thanks again to all!

We are so happy to welcome all of you to the Shatterizer family...and to feel so welcomed by all of you in return!

Enjoy 420 week!