Showcasing #PerfectClouds Shatterizer Family

Showcasing #PerfectClouds Shatterizer Family

Tis the season Shatterizer Family! The Holidaze are coming … and so are even more #PerfectClouds! We’ve had a great time at the Tetherbuds Holiday Showcase it was great vibes to see our Budtendering family and cannabis industry professionals!  

We loved showcasin' our BUBBLER!
Thanks for wrapping it all up Cannabis Prospect Magazine!
We’re BUBBLIN’ with High Spirits for the holidays!

We’re BUBBLIN’ with excitement for the Holidaze …it's going to be Slurricane of #PerfectClouds! 

 The BUBBLER by Shatterizer offers the highest level of enjoyment yet and comes with everything you may need for the Season, to celebrate with even more #PerfectClouds ...

We will be celebrating with our Budtending family and getting lit up all season! 

Please see our Up Lighting guide here and get LIT UP for the Holidaze… with this #PerfectGift! Our perfect BUBBLER borosilicate glass water feature self regulates with less than 3 ml of water.

The BUBBLER by Shatterizer is a hybrid device! It’s a two-in-one “portable and desktop” model and made for your favourite flavourful concentrates and extracts. 

We’re making a splash with our all-inclusive BUBBLIN’ kit, which comes in a protective and discreet carrying case and makes the perfect gift!  

"Seasoned smokers look no further than Shatterizer’s Slurricane Shatter. A berry fruit forward indica shatter, extracted from creamy and rich, violet-tinted trichomes and made with love, it has a THC potency of 72% – 82%."

We will be celebrating by perfectly pairing our BUBBLER with a Slurricane of #PerfectClouds – Slurri-Cane comes from the Dosido and grape Purple Punch!

Available in OntarioSaskatchewan, and Manitoba.
And seasoned for the season with a flurri-cane of flavours!  
Made with LOVE!  And so is our BUBBLER by Shatterizer, whether you are here or there for the Holidays!