Summer Holidaze!

Summer Holidaze!

Shatterizer Family, it’s summer time and time for summer Holidaze, expect #PerfectClouds! Whether you are celebrating the July 1st or July 4th or both, we predict #PerfectClouds around the globe. We’re ALWAYS open and AVAILABLE to celebrate the summer and Shatterizing with you. Happy Canada Day!

Whether, it’s an official or unofficial holiday, Please email us anytime from anywhere at for the highest-level service! As long as the mail ships, we will ship out your parcel in ship shape and it will be packed and tracked ASAP! 

Laying by the pool? At the beach? Or on the dock - Read some of our favorite articles, watch some of our funniest and entertaining videos .For the full menu of Shatterizing cannabis concentrates and extracts please Click HERE for what tastes delicious (other than Shatter and Sauce with Diamonds)

Travelling for the holidaze? Enjoying different cannabis concentrates strains through out the day and night? Don’t forget your coil 5 pack and preload your product to go! We have Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) or Ceramic (CTECH) replacement 5 packs.

Top off those coils with engraved strain specific coil caps –  Indica, Sativa and Hybrid available in 5 packs too! All of our accessories are right here! Need extra globe tops, a lanyard for hikes or a new summer team Shatterizer hat?  

Questions? You can call our Shatterizer hotline for free 1.855.678.8273  Read all about our Customer Service HERE

Canadian friends, if you happen to be in these USA States please try our newest vaporizer – Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer, with #PerfectTaste of DabTabs... READ MORE ... 

Now Available in Alaska –  Cold Creek Extracts, Arizona – Sublime Brands, California – Gilt Canna, Colorado – Stratos DabTabs, Maine – Blue Sky Labs, Maryland – Natures Heritage MD,  Michigan – Element Extractions , Nevada – Apothecary Shoppe Las Vegas, Ohio – Local by Caylx, Oklahoma – Noble Nector , Oregon – White Label Extracts, Washington – DabStar & Common Roots Cannabis! And Levata CBD is available nation wide!

DabTabs are not available in Canada yet, but sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know when:

Let’s enjoy Shatterizing together all summer and Let's keep SOCIAL on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!