Super "Nice" Shatterizer List!

Super "Nice" Shatterizer List!

Before the happy holidays officially start … #TeamShatterizer wanted to share our super nice list! May this be the merriest yule time blog log ever, get lit with #PerfectClouds and have a laugh!

All the way from the official Smoke Signals North Pole: Jamie and Melissa (Mr. & Mrs. Claus) we love you!

Niawen'kó:wa for the invite into your merry and magical home!

Thank You @MimiCannabis for leaving Santa some oranges and a Silver Shatterizer! #PerfectClouds coming down the Christmas Tree! Read more here:


@TammyLovesSoco … we love that you took your Puppy (and Shatterizer) on an awesome trail! Winter Wonderland!

@JayWentzell … HO HO HO! We love this pic!


@MamaKind420 those are the most Lifestylish THC Nails ever! You make our Shatterizer look superglam in your hands ... 

@MapleMarley420 your frosty clouds are impeccable!


@Lori_Sparks420 so NICE to meet you through INSTAGRAM!

@MonkeyBin_Pokez … what an impressive beast of a best friend, keeping watch … Perfect Cloud watch?

Meet @miss_j_mendoza our #Nevada #Shatterizer Manager! Is this what the winter looks like in the Las Vegas Desert!?


@CanndoraClub  we couldn’t agree with you more
…. Naughty is the new Nice! We’re thrilled to be online with you …


Tis the season for #PerfectClouds and #PerfectPics, so we look forward to getting social with you on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

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Marijane Baker wishes #TeamShatterizer a Happy Holidays!


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