Thank You Colorado!

Thank You Colorado!

We’ve got to say thanks to the Champs Trade Show team for hosting 3 full days in the mile-high city and coordinating budding networking opportunities between top businesses. Our Shatterizer Denver Champs Trade Show highlights were 1) the people 2) the shopping!

Denver Colorado Champs Trade Show

Being introduced in person to the super interesting editor and writer Kevin Dankman was definitely a rewarding experience. He is both eloquent as a dancer and wordsmith (he has awesome dance moves we learnt at the AfterGLOW party…) Make sure to get your travel tips from this guy as the Chief of the Champs publication–he just knows… Read more about the Champs Glass Games and all the winners in the counter culture movement. We look forward to seeing you at Champs in Las Vegas in the New Year.  

What we discovered to be “best in show” and hot and now and exceptional for the ladies … is the VIXEN vaporizer by XLUX. If you are looking to “pick up” check out this lovely lacquer for your lips, which comes in classic pink or alluring red for the modern-day girl on the go. This accessory is perfect for ladies night and date night and perhaps breaking those rules and regs and discreetly vaping in the ladies room. This is the “beauty toy” that will send you to the mirror, not only for second coat of mascara …

Thank you to the FLO team. As always it feels like a VIP experience with your pen and the wonderful people working behind the curtain and up front. It felt like seeing old friends after connecting in Las Vegas. We loved meeting more of those within the great company, we love to Go with the Flow!

Rosin Tech Show Products Denver Colorado Champs Show

The Shatterizer team is very excited to see categorical growth across the vaporizer industry. We like meeting all those above board in the market and beyond.  Interestingly the inventor Matterizer, also took great interest in the rosin press and products created and made by Rosin Tech Products. We enjoyed making new friends and strategic alliances in the tech sphere.

Thank you to Glow Industries for the AfterGlow party on Wednesday night that extended into early Thursday morning and left us less industrious. They hosted a multifloored evening full of party at The Church Nightclub! The hula hooping, suspended glittering ballerinas and all-inclusive drinks all-night long light up the crowd. Sound is spectacular with the Church’s literally high ceilings. Since vaping inside is completely taboo (who knew?) in the “legal market” … guests meet up at the vapor bus – SO PLEASE Ride Loopr.

Loopr Champs Denver Trade Show

Thank You to our Easy Butter Company friends Michael and Meila. What a great gift for those dabbling in the at home edible market, we had a lot of fun baking with our family and we couldn’t help but buy two …one for me and one for you and check out these recipes!

Easy Butter Maker Denver Champs Trade Show Colorado

Stay tuned up for the next shatterizing series of stories to come out of Colorado. Thank you to the Rockies – we love you!