Thank You Hotbox Café … See what’s in NOW Magazine’s Stoner Gift Guide

Thank You Hotbox Café … See what’s in NOW Magazine’s Stoner Gift Guide

Have you picked up your NOW Magazine (and much more) at your local cafe? Guess who got into the STONER GIFT GUIDE…and was written up beautifully by our friends @Hotbox Café, Lounge & Shop. Producers of our favourite marijuana magazine: SPLIFF, we had the pleasure of working with Roach-O-Rama and all Hemployees (who’s friendly faces are featured on Facebook).  

In the sanctity of the city and centralized in Kensington Market...lead by entrepreneur Abi Roach, winner of the Lift Pitch Competition, way too legitimate to ever quit activist and director of the Cannabis Friendly Business Association (CFBA)…having a nice chat with her at the 2017 Canadian Cannabis Awards Gala was the highlight of our night.

Abi is such an innovator in the space! Have you seen what’s next door to 204 Augusta Avenue … 206? HotBox Homegrown Hydroponics … is cultivating a higher education “in growth,” or at in-home growth … you can check out the syllabus, read about Ganja School, the Homegrown Hydroponics partnership, Sensi Cannabis  and the pot professors be part of the graduating class of 420 here. If getting a green thumb is on your list of 2018 resolutions we highly encourage exploring the root of the matter and developing to the greatest heights in a friendly grassroots atmosphere.

The #Shatterizer team is thrilled to be on shelf, in store, in print and online in partnership officially with the Hot Box family. If you are staying for a long time and good time, perhaps you will chill in the Thermodynamix Lounge, hit the rig off their impressive Entropy Enails. Perhaps you will enjoy a treat like your personal Dog Pound (96 Hour Purge, Nug Run, Quad In Quad Out and As seen on TV). 

Make sure to hit up Roach-O-Rama in person with your stoner-shopping wish list or visit online, and who ever is on your gift list take care of them with these NOW… and then vape and relax in the Hotbox Café & Lounge with complimentary board games, video games and happy 420!

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