Thank You P.A.C.E Radio

Thank You P.A.C.E Radio

Thank You P.A.C.E Radio joint hosts Kim Cooper and Al Graham for having Val on last night. This award-winning show, produced by Lifestyle Radio’s Al Rapp – is broadcasted every Wednesday Night at 8pm EST and LIVE from the highest esteemed cannabis cultured events.

From IHeart to Itunes, or you could just click once (not 5 times) to turn it on HERE,  Kim and Al truly draw out the best in the cannabis community. P.A.C.E Radio is a hit with loyal fans and friends across the country. We loved meeting Al at the Global Marijuana March in Toronto (See pics on Facebook) and Kim for the first time at Smoke Signals Indigenous Cannabis Cup. These two incredible hosts extracted a lot of insider info from Val … so you’ll have to tune in …


You can meet Kim and Al at the upcoming Karma Cup, Hempfest Expo or online socially … physically we can hardly wait to see YOU at these two upcoming pivotal events …  Look for Perfect Clouds over the Shatterizer booth…  

If you hang out at Ganjanista’s Cannabis Social Lounge or Cannadaze … you may actually catch one of the awesome cast members of the Lifestyle Radio team …  Make sure to tune in next week to hear special guest Tracy Curley who Val loved vaping with her earlier this week. Tracy is a wealth of information … see her featured here as one of the top 10 leading the cannabis industry!

Geeking out on P.A.C.E Radio about diamonds in the sauce, gadgets and ganja, devices and concentrates, technology and terps, we truly appreciated the conversation.

If you are in the Timmins area … please check out NOCER and on Sunday September 2nd, The City of Timmins & NOCER, have partnered in sponsorship with Timmins Hemp Community / 420 Timmins Teamfor our community cleanup days in the park. Meet at Gillies lake (Ice cream stand site) at 11 am.  

Congrats again to the CannaDaze team who recently expanded their incredibly friendly neighbour head shop to 17 Bridge St West, Campbellford. Give them a call to say congratulations – their new phone number- 1.705.653-0420 

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We can hardly to see you this September.

Sept 8 & 9 at the 5th Annual Karma Cup:
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