Thank you to Tamarijuana, Dankr & Thermodynamix!

Thank you to Tamarijuana, Dankr & Thermodynamix!

Thank you to Tamarijuana (an activist, patient advocate and the Executive Director of Western Canada’s Canadian Therapeutic Cannabis Partners Society) and the show hostess on Wednesday’s weekly LIVE Podcast of Coffee and Cannabis with Tamarijuana. You can tune in on LifeStyleRadio.Net via your mobile, “fablet” or desktop at 8 am PST, 9 am MT, or 11 am EST. You can also socialize with Tamarijuana on  Facebook and Twitter

Thank you to Brook & Brent of and Regan Ashby of – starring in the below … and in this Wednesday’s pre-Christmas holiday edition of the show. We originally connected with on the day of the shoot and through this very unique video … Click HERE now to view... is there a Shatterizer duck? 

If you check out the podcast hear what was said over Tamarijuana’s thought provoking conversation regarding marketing and social media, and what’s to come for patients and rec. She brought us insights reporting right from the round table she attended recently in Vancouver, around Health Canada and legalization. Thanks for “Leaning In.”

Produced, broadcasted and backed by award winning AL RAPP (The P.A.C.E. Radio Show 2017 Canadian Cannabis Awards Winner – 2nd Top Podcast), we were thrilled to be on back to back shows but this time bring some our Shatterizer “office-neighbours” and entrepreneurial friends to discuss their unique professional and personal perspectives cannabis too.  

Highlights reported in from this week our Shatterizer world: we’re officially IN Germany, IN The HotBox Café (NOW Mag’s Stoner Gift Guide) and IN Safe to Ship to Illegal States (via Snoop Dogg’s MerryJane).

It was uplifting to introduce to you all to each other and have some coffee, muffins, dabs off Entropy Enail, shatterize, and have a good old-fashioned discussion.  And if your looking in Toronto Dankr is “Your Toronto Connection” with the best city EVENT listings and a section dedicated to Toronto Dispensaries. Promoting cannactivities such as comedy and yoga …make sure to take some time to schedule in some rest, relax and enjoy the holidays!


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