Thanks to Champs Vegas for a great show!

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Thanks to Champs Vegas for a great show!

Shatterizer had the pleasure of attending the Champs Vegas trade show July 18-20 2017. We want to thank Champs for putting on a great show, and we look forward to the next one Feb 20-22 2018. Shatterizer is planning on having a booth at the next show, so be sure to check us out!

Shatterizer at Champs show in Vegas July 2017

Shatterizer met a lot of great people and companies at the show! We are grateful to all the show vets...and newbies who took us under their wings and showed us the ropes. We would like to highlight just a few, although we could go on forever with the long list.

First off we'd like to thank our good friends over at Flo. These guys have a great shatter pen which has a sleek design and Pure Taste. They are friendly and knowledgeable, and you must go check them out!

Anther good friend we'd like to highlight is our buddies over at Four20 Essentials. They have a cool cleaning product for your glass pieces, and much much more. Cool products....and cool vibes! Go check them out for sure. They are based in Sunny California and will be sure to put a smile on your face with their cool vibes and friendly service.

Four20 Essentials with Shatterizer in VegasFour20 Essentials with Shatterizer at Champs show Vegas

Here are two companies doing something really cool in this space for the female consumers. True fact....woman are the fastest growing segment in the cannabis market and these two companies are looking to embrace that segment. 

First is Jane West. This company has some really cool products that you ladies should definitely take a look at! 

Jane West with Shatterizer in VegasJane West with Shatterizer at Champs shoe in Vegas

Second company is XVAPE. They have a wide range of great products, but this new line of vaporizer for women which resembles a lipstick container is amazing! We can't wait to carry it!

Xvape with Shatterizer in VegasXvape with Shatterizer at Champs show in Vegas

On the CBD side of things, Organabus is doing some cool things too. We loved all their products! They were kind enough to offer us a sample to take home, but unfortunately we had to decline due to travel restrictions.....:(

Another cool company we met with was the cool people at Boundless Technologies. These guys have some really cool vaporizers, which you should definitely check out! We had the pleasure of trying them out and were very impressed! Thanks guys!

We also had the pleasure of meeting the father and son team from Easy Butter who were great too. We really enjoyed getting to know them and the great products they have to check these guys out! Especially if you like baking ;)

Easy Butter with Shatterizer in Vegas

If you're ever looking for a great case to protect your vaporizers...look no further then the guys at Cloud/Ten....great products!

We can't go without thanking the guys over at Grenco Science. The famous makers of the G Pen and G Pro....along with many others! These guys have some new and exciting products coming out shortly which will surely be a big hit....pun intended! They were kind enough to give us a sneak peek and let us say we will be carrying them for sure! Thanks!

Grenco Science with Shatterizer in vegasG Pro with Shatterizer in vegas

We have to also mention the cool guys over at Santa Cruz Shredder. You can't miss their booth with the famous WWE star The God Father! Great products and great people!

The God Father and Santa Cruz Shredder with Shatterizer in Vegas

Last but not least we want to thank the great people over at Davinci. Their products are top of the line all the way, and one of our favourites is the Davinci IQ....a must try for dry herb vaping!

Well, that wraps up our trip to Champs Vegas! Thanks again to the host and all the great participants and attendees....was a great success professionally and personally!

Can't wait for the next show!

Lot's of love from team Shatterizer!