The Shatterizer is Going Global – Press Release for Immediate Distribution

The Shatterizer is Going Global – Press Release for Immediate Distribution

"On behalf of the entire team we are thrilled that the Shatterizer vaporizer pen is going global,“ announced the inventor and start-up founder, Matt Zysman. He has designed technology catering to the discreet and sophisticated consumer, beyond any stereotyped images. With previous success in commodity trading and financial services, and defining a new and exciting green collar role, Zysman has been driven to explore and discover the perfect cloud. A new device with universal appeal, this is the premier product for the emerging cannabis concentrates market. “From Ireland to Brazil through our partners at Namaste, we’re pursuing key countries as cannabis legislation relaxes.”  

A dedicated family man and active in the community, Zysman has invested his expertise and money in the hardware and technology sector. Existing sales statistics and available data stateside have shown exponential growth in the shatter market. Where recreational derivatives of cannabis are in various shades of legal, concentrates or distillates (resin, rosin, wax, live, CBD, solvent-less and budder) have repeatedly demonstrated the highest potential, excitement, and enjoyment.

 “I believe cannabis concentrates high market growth is due to its refinement and strength. Levels of THC range from 40-99%, with almost immediate effects. As the industry advances, consumers are becoming more educated and increasingly sophisticated in their cannabis preferences. Although very different products, parallels can be drawn between the way adults consume alcohol and cannabis, shatter or concentrates being similar to the spirit category. Considering these attractive attributes, research also suggests that dabbing or "shatterizing" is on the cusp of becoming mainstream. The Shatterizer provides the essential glassware, like a martini glass or snifter, for a diversity of concentrates."


During research and development, the Shatterizer team discovered what was most appreciated by the vaporizing cannabis community. "We shared our prototype at Cannabis Life, the Lift Cannabis Expo, Champs Trade Shows (Las Vegas and Denver) and the 2017 Karma Cup," where Zysman served as a judge for the competition. He may be the harshest critic with the smoothest and most innovative vaporizing device. The Shatterizer will blow away even the most experienced vaporizing experts, and was recently positively reviewed by HERB and     

The Shatterizer is engineered to conduct a truly smooth inhale and exhale, releasing the fullest flavor through the borosilicate glass top piece. The borosilicate glass is commonly used in laboratories, telescopes and highest quality bakeware. "We also want to reassure customers that the battery life is awesome: it lasts for days with frequent and constant usage," Zysman pipes up. From conception to blueprints, from manufacturing to international distribution, the company has maintained a customer centric approach in delivering perfect clouds, every time.

Media Relations & Investor Inquiries:

Matthieu Zysman 
Co-Founder, President 416.421.VAPE (8273)

Valerie McCulloch mba
Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer  416.421.VAPE (8273)


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