Shatterizer Review of the Yocan Magneto

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Shatterizer Review of the Yocan Magneto

At Shatterizer we like to ensure that all the products we sell are of the "highest" quality, so we’ve been thoroughly vaping/testing the newest device from Yocan for the past few weeks. We absolutely love it! It’s sleek, chic, yet sturdily well weighted and pulls huge draws, releasing amazing clouds. With the magnetic element and built in dab stick it is super easy to load on the go, managing shatter input expertly. With its magical magnet holding the parts of this pretty piece together, it is also a super way to find change for that coffee, or a missing earrings in the bottom of your purse. It’s a roller however, with it’s circular shape, keep your eye on the Magneto.  Shatterizer clients, check out our complete collection of vaporizing devices, you can read more about the Yocan Magneto here.

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