Shatterizer Review of the Yocan NYX Atomizer

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Shatterizer Review of the Yocan NYX Atomizer

The Yocan NYX Atomizer goes with any power suit with a 510 thread and does well when empowered by the C.O.V. Mini Volt 40W Battery (recommended use between 15W - 25W). It delivers heavy hitting hero hits that are unstoppable (even by a freight train) through the channeled metallic mouth piece.  What is most formidable about this atomizer, other than its stainless steal look and strength in delivery, is the Airflow Button. Simply push the Airflow Button at the end of your inhale to release a secondary burst and powerful puff from it’s unique chamber.

The Yocan NYX Atomizer provides vapers with a similar sensation to “pulling the bowl” and then “completely clearing“ your favourite bong. It’s a way better transportable option for those on the fly with only the privacy of a telephone booth.  You can over come kryptonite with the NYX Atomizer for only $24.95.

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