VIVA Las Vegas Part III: MJBizCon and more ... 

VIVA Las Vegas Part III: MJBizCon and more ... 

We loved attending MJBizCon! Networking the floor gave us some real-time perspective on vertical integration and how big the cannabis industry is and how big marijuana machines in the industry are. While some focused on cultivating perfect plants, our tradeshow focus was exploring any and all new vaping technology and cultivating great relationships.

Amongst the extraction experts, mass terrific trimmers, highly sophisticated data tech companies, we remained the only Shatterizer looking device and were thrilled to have dabs to go, amongst the tens of thousands of attendees and exhibitors.

It was also so nice to see infamous Las Vegas local Pony Boy of Los Marijuanos and well as Miss Jenn Mendoza.

At the Ladies Networking Session, hundreds of the driven and determined, chatted and collaborated. See pic below!

We caught a hug from Av Singh, Sarah Sunday of the Karma Cup (while on vacation) and loved spending time with our Canadian national treasures Amy Anonymous with Matt Trecartin (videographer and editor extraordinaire) and Phil Wong, who always “works from the cloud,” wherever he is. Cannabis Compliance Inc was onsite – so we caught up with Andrew Ross.

It was so nice to align with our Canadian Vape Family within the state Nevada, and we believe they were happy to align with #TeamShatterizer. Mixing business and pleasure, medicinal and recreational, we covered the parties of the publications that also positively covered our Shatterizer. There were some back to back double headers!

Thank You Dope Magazine, for your write up here “Shatterizer Dabbing on the Go” and our Golden Tickets. High Times Biz Bash 2018 was phenomenal, and so was your review of our newest aluminum black and silver Shatterizers “a must have for concentrates lovers!” 

We also wanted to say thank you to and highlight our team time with the ever innovative and evolving Jupiter Research, and Kaila Strong. We were over the moon, as we raced through the desert, at top speed on the Las Vegas Speedway, wearing a helmet.  There is so much space in the industry for growth, great products and more to come being concentrated on the extracts.

Thank you so much for having us Nevada… more great news and #PerfectClouds coming out of Las Vegas soon! Make sure to check out Shatterizer’s Facebook album HERE!

Please join us also in celebrating National Entrepreneurs Day on Nov 20th!

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