We LOVE Budtenders!

We LOVE Budtenders!

We are so thankful for all the love being part the Budtending Family and we're excited for upcoming Budtender Appreciation Week
March 20th – March 26th 2023 … hosted by our friends at TetherBuds.com 

#PerfectClouds predicted Shatterizer Family right across Canada straight through March 20th – March 26thAnd Please join us for the online for a virtually perfect shatterizing SESH!

Thanks TetherBuds for hosting this event to appreciating Budtenders!!!!!!! Budtending and perfect customer service is our #1 at Shatterizer … secondary to providing a #PerfectClouds weather forecast! We are full of appreciation all day and everyday … we LOVE Budtenders!  

Thanks in advance for coming to this online celebration and SESH!
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AND We'll be Shatterizing at CannExpo March 24-26 and we're pitching our Shatterizer tent (Booth #407) ... We’re planning for even more #PerfectClouds!