WEEDWON at the HotBox!

WEEDWON at the HotBox!

We’re thrilled that “Day 1 of a new era is about to begin!” WEEDWON and we will be celebrating with the amazing Hemployee team and guests at one of our favourite spots, the Hot Box Lounge and Shop!  

Come by Wednesday October 17th 2018 from 11 am onwards… for the #LegalizedIt Party!

Shatterizer is pleased to be giving out 17 RED and BLACK Shatterizer hats, to honour the day!

As the Hot Box describes … “Drug prohibition in Canada began with the Opium Act of 1908, marijuana was prohibited in 1923 … After 95 years of a senseless, racist & life destroying war on drugs... WEEDWON” 

This party is totally free, and there will be a tonne of prizes, giveaways and more … See you at 204 Augusta Ave (Toronto, Ontario M5T 2l6, Canada) and see what the cannabis community does to celebrate in Toronto!  At 4:20 check out DJ Chocolate, 6pm Killin Time Band, 7pm GSpot It will all be hosted by Will Noye & Amanda Day!

Wishing you #PerfectClouds, legally, across Canada and all the time, and every time!

Here’s your event link: www.facebook.com/events/302638370331416
Follow the party with hashtags #LegalizedIt and #WEEDWON!